Saturday, February 21, 2009

What should you know before buying Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands? (Part 1)

1. Why you buy Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands?

Titanium Men’s Wedding Bands

If you are faced with the sensitive skin or tend to get rashes, boils, itching when wearing jewelry. Then titanium men’s wedding bands is an answer to this problem. Titanium men’s wedding bands is completely hypoallergenic. In fact, Titanium men’s wedding bands is the most hypoallergenic material known to man, and is rapidly replacing other surgical implants (prosthetic implants such as hip, shoulder, and jaw) and surgical instruments (scalpels, hemostats and tweezers), since the body does not react to it.

Aside from being hypoallergenic, what makes titanium men’s wedding bands a top choice among the other metals is the fact that it is very light weight. In fact, it is one of the most figuratively “weightless” metals in the jewelry industry. Basically, titanium men’s wedding bands alloys are more than forty percent lighter than stainless steel. Its being lightweight stems from the fact that it has a very low density.

2. The best way before buying titanium men’s wedding bands?
When looking for titanium men’s wedding bands, consideration should be given to size, weight and quality, plus color and cut, if diamonds or other gems are to be included. The weight of the band is the key as comfort is critical since titanium men’s wedding bands are worn on a daily basis and meant for long term wear. The first step to a best buy is getting the accurate finger size. The whole purpose becomes meaningless if a wedding band is not comfortable to wear. Also think about the width of the band you want.
This is important because titanium men’s wedding bands are difficult to resize. Titanium men’s wedding bands are difficult to resize because titanium is a very hard metal with a high melting point. Ensure that you choose a size for your titanium men’s wedding bands very carefully. If you find it absolutely necessary, you may get lucky and be able to slightly change the size. It’s sometimes possible to compress or stretch it, but only by up to one size and only if there are no inlays or stones in the titanium men’s wedding bands.

Another solution for this situation, you can find a titanium men’s wedding bands dealer who has a lifetime exchange. Don't overlook the fact that even if you get the right size for your titanium men’s wedding bands now, but some people's fingers change size over the years. Usually it's due to weight change; occasionally to other things like injury to the finger. So, if you buying titanium men’s wedding bands from a dealer who has a lifetime exchange, you can change your titanium men’s wedding bands anytime. It’s that great?

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hypoallergenic Jewelry - Why You Must Buy Titanium Men's Wedding Bands

"Hypoallergenic"- adjective. Definition: non-allergy producing. A term applied to a preparation in which every possible care has been taken in formulation and production to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.
(Blakiston's Medical Dictionary)

Titanium men's wedding bands and wedding rings are meant to be worn everyday and need to be designed accordingly. titanium men's wedding bands or rings are exposed to water, sweat, and scratches on a daily basis. To withstand the daily wear and tear, most rings except titanium men's wedding bands are made of 14k or 18k gold, sterling silver or platinum. Pure gold, 24k gold doesn't have any other elements and is very soft. 14k and 18k gold or not pure gold, 14k gold is 58.3% pure and 18k is 75% pure, with the rest comprised of other alloys such as silver, zinc, copper, palladium and nickel. It's these other alloys that cause the allergic reactions, nickel being the biggest culprit, but also the main element given to gold to make it more corrosion resistant and durable.

Unlike most metals that are used in jewelry, titanium men's wedding bands is highly hypoallergenic. If you have allergy reaction with gold or tungsten, you should not lose hope. Instead, you should try titanium men's wedding bands. You can expect no rashes and irritations that are caused by titanium men's wedding bands. Fortunately, titanium men's wedding bands alloys are safe to wear for almost every body- even people with very sensitive skin.

Some people have allergic reactions to metal. There are no an allergic reaction ct from wearing titanium men's wedding bands. For those people who had allergic, if they not wearing titanium men's wedding bands, reaction usually manifests it when the skin becomes discolored in a green or grey shade or forms a red, itchy rash. For these people, titanium men's wedding bands is the answer.

Titanium men's wedding bands, on the other hand, does not produce these allergic reactions. Titanium men's wedding bands is hypoallergenic (ie: inert), meaning there will be no irritation, even from those who are normally allergic to metals.

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